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Estudios Arjona in Madrid, Spain

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Estudios Arjona in Madrid, Spain

Manolo Arjona, art teacher & former owner of Estudios Arjona in Madrid, has a lot to answer for! I wandered into his studio on a whim, years ago during my “Junior Year Abroad” in Spain, & soon decided he was a real “taskmaster,” AND that I wanted to learn from this exacting professional.

This charcoal drawing is among several I completed during that time, & proudly sits on our living room wall. Every time I pass it, I remember with a smile that one of the key Spanish words I learned during that time was “cicatriz,” meaning “scar,” which was his ultimate insult if my lines & strokes were too harsh.

His studio is now closed, but I hope we’ll reconnect on social media and that I can let him know

that he’s partly to blame for my art addiction!  I’ll just have to brace myself for his critique!

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