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Joan McCracken Thomas / Uncategorized

Abandoned Giant

I like old, abandoned structures & this one really touched me & so I painted it! It's in the middle of nowhere (yes, a very rural area of NJ!) & you hear birds chirping & cows mooing & see the wild vegetation taking over. This is the...

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Final Approach

I felt very honored to receive an award for this oil painting at a recent Art Assoc. of Roxbury show! I wanted to convey the tension of coming in to land at Aeroflex (Andover, NJ), where the runway starts just where the lake ends!  ...

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My Calendar Art

My painting was selected to appear on the November page of an NJ calendar! This is Grace Lord Park in Boonton, NJ & I wanted to capture the late autumn hues, ribbons of water flowing over the dam & flecks of light dancing across the...

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Meet “Chief”

This was a commission in which I re-envisioned the iconic Lake Mohawk Indian symbol. It was a wonderful experience, in part because of all the encouragement I received each time I submitted progress photos! What a great client! I had fun playing with texture & line in...

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The Rat-a-Tat Band

I learned a lot from this piece! The inspiration was a photo from my backyard of two woodpeckers, with drab March foliage as the background. It took a lot of experimenting with the composition, color & texture to get it right. It was a lesson...

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